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What to eat in Buenos Aires – and where to find it

Whilst living and working in a vineyard restaurant in New Zealand, many of my fellow chefs were from Argentina and Chile, the kitchen often a rowdy babble of Spanish. Occasionally, at staff meal times, we were treated to recreated dishes from South America. Jars of the delicious dulce de leche (caramel milk) were available at […]

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La Boca Buenos Aires

Street Life in La Boca, Buenos Aires

On our last day in Buenos Aires, we fancied exploring an alternative district of the city and made our way to La Boca. On the edge of a shipyard, La Boca is a gritty, working-class area of the city, famous for its highly successful football team Boca Juniors and a host of colourful tin houses, […]

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A slow Sunday in Buenos Aires

First light on a spring morning, in a brand new city. A combination of mild jet lag and early morning heat and light woke me early, a world away from the cold dark mornings we had left behind in Devon. Spring was awash in Buenos Aires, the the purple jarcanada trees still clinging on to […]

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