Sigulda Latvia

Days Trips from Riga: Sigulda

Riga is a little beauty covered in snow; the Art Nouveau rooftops all fairytale-like, but I was keen to get out to the countryside for a bit of peaceful hiking. 50 km from Riga, the town of Sigulda is the gateway to Latvia’s largest national park – the Gauja. As well as a starting point for trails and hikes, […]

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Riga Latvia

7 tips for a winter budget break in Riga, Latvia

  Riga, somewhat of an undiscovered gem. I knew little about the country before the trip – the capital of Latvia, a former Soviet Union country, successful in the Eurovision contest and popular with scores of British stag parties. As city breaks in the winter go, choosing to go somewhere already colder than your home country […]

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Eat Riga

Best Budget Eats in Riga, Latvia

From Europe’s largest market to Russian dumplings – Riga has plenty of budget conscious options for all tastes – from gourmet to simple, local food. On a recent trip to Riga, these were amongst my highlights. 1. Niklavs |Marstalu 1  – Decent value lunch spot Niklav’s specialises in a mix of Latvian and European dishes. […]

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Day Trips from Riga: Jurmala

The beach? In winter? Are you mad?! Probably, a little bit…But I was curious. I had never experienced frozen sand or blankets of snow hiding in sand dunes, so I hopped on the train to Majori, forty minutes outside of Riga to the beach resort of Jurmala. A ten minute walk beyond the town descends […]

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An island escape: Great Barrier Island, New Zealand

Sometimes your chips just come up nicely. Whilst doing the weekly ritual of browsing discount websites for a cheeky spring escape, I stumbled upon half price flight to Great Barrier Island. Not in Australia, but only a short flight from Auckland. After a busy start to the work season, I wanted to just chill – and let […]

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