A winter season in the French Alps: January and February

View down to Meribel

View down to Meribel

After promising myself to do monthly updates from the Alps, the weeks slipped past.

Days were filled with work, snowboard, work. Wednesday’s were typically a full day snowboarding or sleeping off work.

So my photos have piled up and I’m now sat here at my desk back home, back out of the ski season bubble and back into ‘real life’ where my views are roads and street lights and not the mountains.

But luckily, the photos I took captured little stories like those afternoons of riding in the sunshine with a picnic. So here is are my highlights from January and February.

Chalet Life

Breakfast at The Chalet Company, Meribel

Setting up for breakfast

Chalet Shopping in the French Alps

Chalet Shopping in the French Alps

Heading down to Moutiers for the weekly shop. Egg safety a priority

Afternoon Tea In Meribel

Afternoon Tea vibes

Evening Menu in Meribel Chalet

MiniCroqueMadames Canapes

Mini Croque Madame canapes.

As my kitchen is open plan, I managed to take very few photos of my food, as I’m usually so engrossed with plating it up and getting it out hot – the downside to running a chalet solo…


January began with a whisky in both hands in a Meribel bar with the rest of the team, a happy blur of dancing and Laphroaig.

Thankfully, I didn’t end up staying out too late, but needless to say, the New Year’s Day breakfast was a struggle and I might have had a cheeky lie down on the cold bathroom floor to get through serving dinner. All my pictures from the night are a funny, crazy blur.

The first few weeks dumped it down, and we were treated to bluebird days…

Three Valleys French AlpsMeribel French Alps

Snowboarding in Meribel

With epic sunsets from the chalet whilst I prepared the evening meal…

A trip over the valley to Courchevel


And a much-needed survival package in the post

Chalet Parcel


February began with packing up baguettes stuffed with brie and bacon and heading over to the La Masse area of Les Menuires, an adjacent valley.

I have such sweet memories of this place, having been sent from Morzine where I was doing a season to cover a chef who broke his ankle. It was the place I remember snowboarding really ‘clicked’ for me and I grew in confidence, a place close to my heart.

Les Menuires

Les Menuires

Life above the clouds

A Valentine’s surprise treat from the B to Tsaretta Spice, a gourmet Indian restaurant (obviously, in the Alps) near my chalet for a little tasting menu.

Tsaretta Spice Meribel

Tsaretta Spice Meribel

I found one of my favourite secret little runs between Mottarett and Meribel, a quiet red run winding through the trees. Plus I bought new bindings for my board which made riding feel so much smoother…

Whilst the Beast from the East battered the UK, we shivered in -18C temperatures – making chairlift rides a chilly affair

Meribel Olympic

On the last of February, Meribel celebrated its 80th birthday with an evening of torch lite descents down the Stade run, a freestyle competition and finished with a spectacular fireworks display and a Daft Punk tribute band djing away into the night as the clock ticked over to March…Meribel 80th Birthday

Meribel 80th Birthday from Look With New Eyes on Vimeo.

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