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Glencoe, Scotland

On the places that made me: Glencoe, Scotland

“And this said G the general manager, proudly, this is the staff accommodation”. We paused on the outside deck of a wooden chalet style apartment in the fading May light, tinges of red and orange streaked across the sky above the imposing Munro of Bidean Na’am Ban. I couldn’t believe this was my new home. […]

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On the joy of first light: Edinburgh

Just gone 6am, and the dark November sky in my hostel room was beginning to lighten. I pull on yesterdays clothes, still slung next to the bed and search for my bobble hat and scarf, before quietly leaving my dorm room to sleep. On the landing, a few early birds mill around, making plans for […]

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Rainbow over Uig Bay, Isle of Skye

Workaway Diaries: Isle of Skye – Weeks 5 & 6

After a fab weekend in the Outer Hebrides, it was back to all day reception for my last full week at the hostel. With the clocks going back, darkness began to descend on the bay from 4.30pm, leaving little time for any adventures until my next three days off. I’ve put together the highlights of […]

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Luskentyre, Isle of Harris

A weekend on the Isles of Harris and Lewis

3 whole days off. I switched from cleaning bathrooms and dorm rooms this week, to daytime reception to cover staff holidays. This increased hours during the day meant my work days were condensed into four and I was given a long weekend. Given the decent looking weather forecast, I immediately set about planning a trip […]

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Rudha Hunish, Isle Of Skye

Workaway Diaries: Isle of Skye – Week Three

After spending an evening trying to craft little stories and descriptions to each of the places I visited last week, I sighed when I read back the words, full of nature cliches and obvious comments about the continuous rain. It was frankly, a bit crap. Truth is, I’ve worked all 7 days this week to […]

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Loch Surdal Isle of Skye

Workaway Diaries: Isle of Skye – Week 2

The weeks are flying by up here on the Isle of Skye already, days mixed with cleaning, hiking and my love of taking hundreds of pictures.  Whilst the hostel is quiet during the weekdays, the past weekend was fully booked with groups of friends and families who made the space their own and somewhat forgot […]

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The Oyster Shed, Carbost, Isle of Skye

Workaway Diaries: Isle of Skye – Week One

I’ve been here at my workaway on Skye, for just over a week and I have to say, I’ve felt at home straight away, no thanks to the super welcoming team I’m working with. The team is made up of three full-time staff (from Skye, Italy and New Zealand), a part-time Scottish lady and another workaway, from […]

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